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Nate Brooks

Comeback Power

Gentle Rhino “Extra Credit” Thoughts for Today

Today, I had a technology challenge…here’s the point I want to leave with you, if you have a business. Obviously, everyone HATES technology problems because they come up when you least expect them to come up and they take a lot of time to solve.

Here’s what happened at the end of the session, after they resolved the issue…the woman asked me, “Would you like me to email you all the steps we took today to resolve this issue?”…I said, “absolutely”. When I got the email, everything we talked about was there with diagrams of the key things we talked about. This email…was saved because it had all of the instructions on how to solve the problem, if it ever happens again…but, what a nice touch of customer service…try to figure out how to do something like this in your business.

Today’s video, Comeback Power gives you the tools to have the strength to stay mentally focused when the “boom” hits your life and business so that you can comeback with power and strength. Watch this now.

Podcast version of today’s message:

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Nate Brooks
The Gentle Rhino
Think Differently, Act Immediately!

Skilled Communications

Gentle Rhino “Extra Credit” Thoughts For Today

Have you ever noticed that you do many things the same way?

For example, I noticed that people get into a pool the same way…meaning…I see people jump in feet first facing forward and that’s the way they do it every time. Have you ever considered breaking up those little types of routines to see if you will experience a different sensation in your body…what about jumping in feet first but go backwards into the pool or what about horizontal or angled face first mini-belly flop?

Sometimes for some things it pays to give yourself a different experience just to stimulate something different in your life to see if you are afraid to do something different or to see if you are excited about doing something in a different way…just give this some thought and try something different…

Recently…I tried to do a back flip in the pool (it was a back flop instead of a belly flop…but, it was cool trying to do it)…that caused me to try to jump up on something that was 12 inches high…then, I kept going within a couple weeks I was jumping on a box that was 19 inches high…and it was exciting to know that I could do this…

Try something different!

Skilled communications is an important key to success in business and in life. You must first avoid the two critical mistakes that actually turn-off your customers and prospects. Then, you must learn how to have what I call is Caring Connecting Conversations with people in a way that makes it possible for you to stay on track when talking to people.

I go over some Transitional Phrase Language Patterns in this video that should help you have better results when talking with people…watch this now.

If you have any questions, let me know below…I will see you in the video.

Nate Brooks
The Gentle Rhino
Think Differently, Act Immediately!